Jan Stansel in Egypt   Gentle Energy Work
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Jan Stansel

Available in the Nashville, Tennessee Area

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Jan hosts reiki share usually 2 times a month for practice for her students.
If you are interested in attending a Reiki Share or Class, please contact Jan via email or phone:

Telephone: (615) 712-7179 Email: reiki-nashville.com 

Reiki Therapy is Natural Medicine

Reiki - (pronounced ray-key)


Experience the joy of integration
within your body. 

Experience the peace & joy of your heart.  

Open yourself to the possibilities!  


Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life force. 

‘Rei’ means the universe - that which is boundless and knows all - spiritual consciousness.

‘Ki’ means life force - the energy which flows through all living beings.

It is a revered Japanese/Tibetan form of "laying on of hands." 

It is a type of complimentary medicine that promotes natural healing. 

Reiki is an experiential process that will be different for each person. 

Reiki is complimentary medicine that relieves stress and promotes natural healing.

There is no disrobing. 

Sessions may be done sitting or on a table. 

These complimentary complimentary medicine techniques may be used on humans and animals alike.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

Key Reiki Benefits

What Energy Work Can Do

  • Peace of mind and heart

  • Integration of body and spirit

  • Increased over all well-being

  • Helps prevent illness
Reiki in Hospitals

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Energy work can reduce stress and expand knowledge of your inner life. 

These natural medicine techniques seek to balance physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual imbalances. 

They can also reduce pain and speed natural healing.

Our bodies have a tremendous ability to heal themselves.  However, anytime that we are stressed by physical ailments, or by life in general, our bodies restrict energy flow. 

When we can reinstate that unrestricted flow, we enhance our recovery from physical and/or emotional trauma. 

In other words, we become more whole or complete.

  * Reiki therapy is a form of complimentary medicine and natural healing not a replacement for your doctor.