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"Her work shows great integrity, directness, and clarity"
As a Reiki practitioner and Reiki Master, Jan brings her whole self to her practice, all her learnings, experience, and guidance to the session. She listens to the whole person, to what is said and unsaid. She is always extremely careful of the person and what is opened in a session. Her sessions are complete; the person is protected; she takes time for questions, debriefing and emotional/spiritual release as much as needed and appropriate. She suggests any follow-up/additional sessions as needed. She is consistent, and truly lives her healing path; she walks her talk. She is authentic, generous and approachable; her work shows great integrity, directness and clarity. Healing flows effortlessly from her work; she makes it look easy. I have been privileged to have worked with and learned from Jan.  - K.S.

"Reiki is a spiritual touch therapy that complements professional talk therapy in an effective way"
"Reiki for me, a person with mental illness. After being diagnosed with bipolar II disorder in 2004, I made Reiki a permanent and more consistent part of managing my mood swings. I was determined, as I still am, to rely on regular psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapy, Reiki and massage therapies, a healthy lifestyle and other proactive strategies to minimize the use of psychotropic medications, which have undesirable side effects for me, a professional musician and graduate student.

Bipolar illness is most often progressive but it seems that my situation has improved somewhat, especially in the last two years. I have not required medication since the fall of 2008, and have managed other long stretches before that time. Through Reiki, as a client and student, I have acquired the ability to relax and focus my mental and physical energy for stressful tasks, such as an important musical performance or project deadline, and remain functional. Reiki also helps me achieve the regular sleep I need to stabilize my rapid cycling mood pattern, through meditation and relaxing touch."  -A.M.

"She has saved my life"
"I have been a client of Jan's for several years; she has saved my life.  I was diagnosed with Diabetes over 17 years ago and was feeling terrible.  A friend gave me a Reiki session for Christmas one year and I've been going ever since.  I was skeptical at first but the truth is that I am much more active now and feel great and I am still free of the common complications caused by Diabetes!  The energy keeps everything aligned so that I my body now runs much more efficiently."  --J. G.

"Powerful and Gifted"
“Jan is one of the most powerful and gifted healers whom I’ve ever taught and from whom I have received healing services.  Her innate intuition is excellent.  She is sensitive and non-judgmental as she leads the client into understanding and healing the self.  I am blessed to have worked with her.”                        ---Ayanna

"Touched my soul"
"You have touched my soul with a gentleness and honesty that both heartened and surprised me.”
"Expanded my understanding of the inward light within me."
"I have found your work to be of great help to me in reducing the level of stress I feel and in balancing and enhancing my energy flow.  Most importantly, it has expanded my understanding of the inward light within me.

"The perfect compliment to my cardiac after care program. "After my heart attack and quadruple by-pass surgery. I find your type of alternative medicine the perfect compliment to my cardiac aftercare program. You have opened so many areas that accept the natural healing energy which flows from/thru your healing hands .

"You have expanded my definition of alternative medicine."
"You have expanded my definition of alternative medicine. Being a person who prefers natural medicine to drugs or surgery. I find my reiki sessions calming and centering as well as healing and enlightening. Thank you for sharing your healing energy."
"Thank you again."
"Thank you again - I find what you do to be both mysterious and miraculous." -J.G.

"Reiki for my three beloved dogs"
"Jan has provided reiki for three of my beloved dogs over many years, and each and every time they healed.  I cannot thank her enough for saving my Golden Retriever Sadie from an illness that the vet said was fatal two years ago, and she is healthy and still with me.  Most recently, she did reiki on my black lab who was very ill with dizziness and would not walk or eat and was vomiting.  He is now doing great and back to his old wonderful self."  –D.D.

"Visible easing of tension"
"Jan has brought a heartfelt concern and a flow of of loving energy to our animals in times of distress. They have shown a visible easing of tension and uplift in demeanor as Jan has worked with them.  Her wonderful work has brought comfort and healing to us on a number of occassions."--J. E.

"...very insightful about involving Western veterinary medicine"
"You were a great comfort to our basset hound Bogart during his final weeks. It was amazing how his spirits and energy would pick up each time you did a session with him. At the same time, you were very insightful about involving Western veterinary medicine and making them part of Bogart’s care. We were all blessed by your efforts."  G & S R.

"Magic touch with animals"
"There is no doubt that Jan has a magic touch with animals.  Recently my dog Lucky was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer. We tried a round of chemo but decided it wasn’t the right treatment for our dog. Jan's work with Lucky definitely helped stop her symptoms of repeatedly throwing up and coughing.  The tumors she has have also shrunk.  I truly believe Jan’s work is helping Lucky beat the odds and live longer than the doctors predicted she would.  She is even able to go on her favorite walks in the woods.  Lucky responds to Jan and always bestows lots of kisses on her—a sure sign that she connects with her and appreciates her healing touch."  A. B.

"Cats...fall over themselves trying to get
close to her"

“When people come to my house,  normally my cats are stand-offish, usually heading for a back room to avoid contact.  When Jan comes over to give Reiki to the cats, however, they fall over themselves trying to get close to her, often vying for her lap.  They obviously receive something from her that they need or want.  One of the cats is diagnosed with cancer.  Her oncologist continues to tell me how healthy the cat looks when I bring her in for periodic check-ups, so I feel the Reiki is a good complement to the conventional therapies she receives.

I have also had Jan come over several times when I have had to put a cat to sleep because of terminal illness.  She is able to create an atmosphere/energy in which the ailing animal seems to be more comfortable as well as comforted."  A.A.




* Reiki therapy is a form of complimentary medicine and natural healing not a replacement for your doctor.